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The Riders' Club


Embark on an equestrian journey with the Riders' Club. With our unwavering dedication to horses and a wealth of experience spanning over a decade, we offer a comprehensive array of services tailored to riders of all levels.


Our accomplished team of coaches, specializing in show jumping and dressage, is here to provide top-tier education, training, and support.

Explore our diverse range of services, including memberships, monthly lesson plans, private lessons, private horse exercising, horse agistment, farrier services, float hire, day camps, and thrilling horse competitions.


The Riders' Club is not just a riding school; we're your passport to a world of equestrian possibilities. Join us on this incredible journey where horsemanship, skill-building, and a vibrant riding community come together to create unforgettable experiences.



From 12,000vt

Members have access to the club. You can bring your own horse or use our horses for rides. 

Individual Memberships: 12,000vt 

Family Memberships: 18,000vt

Monthly Lessons

Monthly Lessons

From 12,000vt per month

Monthly Lesson Plans:

1 lesson per week: 12,000vt per month

2 lessons per week: 20,000vt per month

3 lessons per week: 25,000vt per month

4 lessons per week: 32,000vt per month

Extra lesson or non-scheduled lessons:

Club horse: 2,500vt

Private horse: 2,000vt

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

From 3,500vt per lesson

Private lessons with Stéphanie: 5,000vt per lesson 

Private lessons with club coaches: 3,500vt per lesson 



For club members

Competitions include:

Show Jumping, Dressage, 2 Day Events, Cross Country, Orientation Races, Pony Games.

If you are interested in competitions talk to the club about becoming a member.

Special Events

Special Events

Check our FB page for details

The club organises special events several times per year. Events include multi-day horse camps, full / half day rides, FFE Galops exams.

Private Horse Training

Private Horse Training

From 10,000vt per month

This is available only on a monthly basis unless otherwise organised with Stéphanie.

Training by Stéphanie 1x per week: 15,000vt per month

Training by Stéphanie 2x per week: 25,000vt per month

Training by club coach 1x per week: 10,000vt per month

Training by club coach 2x per week: 18,000vt per month

Horse Agistment

Horse Agistment

From 10,000vt per month

Monthly Agistment per horse: 10,000vt per month

Monthly Agistment, basic healthcare & hoof care: 14,000vt per month

(Does not include Shoeing)

Farrier Services

Farrier Services

From 2,000vt

Hoof trim: 2,000vt (all feet)

Hoof trim & front shod: 3,000vt

Replacement shoe within 2 weeks: Free

Replacement shoe after 2 weeks: 1,000vt

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