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The Riders' Club


Nestled amidst the picturesque Bellevue hills, just a stone's throw from Port Vila, The Riders' Club has been a cherished family-owned gem for over a decade.


Founded by Stéphanie, a passionate equestrian with a storied journey, the club's roots trace back to her love for riding in her native France. In 2004, her equestrian odyssey brought her to Vanuatu, where after several years as an instructor, she established The Riders' Club.


Stéphanie's unwavering commitment to proper riding skills and her aspiration to propel Vanuatu onto the global equestrian stage are the cornerstone values of the club.

Affiliated with the FFE (French Equestrian Federation) and holding the prestigious DEJEPS (show jumping/dressage) certification, she nurtures a community of riders, guiding them towards their goals, whether they are local enthusiasts or aspiring international competitors.


Whether beginner or advanced, all are welcome at the Riders' Club, where equestrian excellence and passion converge in a breathtaking island setting.

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