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A group of people galloping on a trail ride with the setting sun at the rider's club in Vanuatu

Experience Vanuatu

Horse Riding

In your own private group - 5000vt per person (1.5hr ride)


The Riders' Club

The Riders' Club Vanuatu offers a diverse range of equestrian services and experiences to riders of all ages and abilities.


The club emphasizes the importance of horsemanship skills, respect, and love for horses, which are essential for excellence in any equestrian sport.

From group lessons, to monthly memberships, or even a simple quick trail ride in your own private group, the Riders' Club caters for all types.


If you are a horse rider in Vanuatu for a short visit, or if you are here for the long term, come and visit us for amazing horse experiences.


Here on holiday?

Explore wildnerness on horseback

Ride safe, healthy, well-trained horses, in your own private group, led by a knowledgeable local guide. All riding levels are catered for due to private groups. Because of our horses, all riders must be under 90kgs. We welcome children from the age of 6. 

Book a ride now in your own private group
5000vt per person for a 1.5hr ride

Serious about equestrian sports?

Take part in our competitions

The Riders' Club Vanuatu is the only place in Vanuatu to host competitions for members. The club hosts show jumping, dressage, cross-country, 2 day events,orientation races, and pony games. Enquire about becoming a member now to join in the fun of our competition days.

What we offer


Who are we?

Nestled in Bellevue hills a few minutes from Port Vila hidden from public roads, The Riders Club  has been a family owned business for more than 10 years. With a running stream and acres of green pasture and paddocks for our horses and ponies to enjoy, Riders Club is a great place to leave the worries of the world behind and start living in the moment. From the second you step out of your car, you step into the stunning serenity of our site, you will start to feel renewed and ready for new adventures.


With a background in show jumping and dressage, the internationally trained coaches at GCEC are always professional, approachable, on time and focused on your safety and the welfare of our horses and ponies.


Our mission is simply to provide high quality education, advice, training and support to our community of members so they can reach their goals, no matter how big or small.  From competitive equestrian sports events to recreational horse enthusiasts, we will work with anyone who loves and respects horses.

Come & join our riding family

If you love horses we would love to meet you. Whether you are a beginner or advanced rider, you will find a place in our riding family.

Get in touch with now to start your equestrian journey with us.

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